•  Please find a poignant review of “Personal Relations” by Suzan Swale here
  • Or read “Personal Relations: All the highlights from the London opening” by Lily LLoyd, an expert in miniature portrait history, who also wrote a perceptive text about miniature-portraits in the past and today.
  • On This Is Not Art website you can read a series of interviews to the Italian artists of “Personal Relations” (in Italian). By Alice Traforti 
  • You can also find “Personal Relations” on  Artrabbit
  •  Here you can read about the Festival presenting Personal Relations in Vicenza in September 2016, organised by This Is Not Art
  • More about that: “Questa non è Arte 2016”: il festival di arte e non arte ad Arcugnano“,
  • And we also made it into the  Il Giornale di Vicenza with “Dipinti in miniatura, 45 artisti berici a Londra”.15385328_1443385919014440_4526039625550900890_o