Personal Relations Artist Interview, Valerio Guadagno (TINA)

We are very happy to publish the last of our Personal Relations Interviews. Please read a personal account of Valerio Guadagno of This Is Not Art.

Would you tell us something about your artwork and how you responded to the brief?

I developed an idea I had in mind for a long time. It’s a sort of double portrait of He-rmes, my alter ego. He holds a baby version of himself in his arms: it’s actually a way to represent and define identity through the reconstruction of a father figure.

What did you gained from this international collaborative project?

This project has given me the opportunity to present my personal research in very different contexts. I was at the three openings so I also had the chance to meet most of the people involved and that made the interaction with these interesting persons much more stimulating. I’ll do my best to attend to all the next events related to this project cause I’m very proud to be part of it and I hope that Personal Relations will be the starting point of many more challenges and collaborations.

What do you feel the role of the artist can be in relation to current political affairs?

I don’t believe in the romantic idea of the artist living his life in its proud isolated condition, but this doesn’t mean art necessarily has to deal with political affairs. It’s a matter of personal choices, even if every artistic research can somehow be considered as an expression or as a re-interpretation of the world the artist is living in.

Miniature portraits were often given to as political gifts to kings or ambassadors. What message would you embed in such a gift?

My miniature portrait suggests that you can only achieve autonomy and authenticity by learning to take care of yourself. It’s a process connected with growing up and improving yourself and your own world.

What do you think your collective brought to the other groups and what do you think they brought to your collective?

I find it very difficult to have a clear vision of all the artworks and I am still not sure about the characteristics of every group. Anyway, I think every contribution is important because the concept behind the brief becomes extremely meaningful thanks to the amazing variety of approaches. I also believe that this project would grow even stronger if it could manage to create a unique international “family” of artists, without focusing on single national groups.

One of the aims was to create an opportunity for the artist to work on a unique and inspiring conceptual brief and become part of a collective work , was that successful for you?

Of course it takes time to create a fully operative network of people. At the moment I can say that I had the pleasure to meet some very talented and friendly artists and that it would be very interesting to start some common projects with them.


Valerio Guadagno, My father’s son – TINA

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